2023 BSAF Food Vendor Form

2023 BSAF Food Vendor Form

5th Annual Berkley Street Art Fest: Sat., July 15, 2023 11 am to 5 pm
Check In & Set Up: Saturday, July 15, 2023, 8:00 am - 10:30am

ENTRY DEADLINE: July 8, 2023 (limited spots)

Location: Berkley Street Art Fest takes place on Coolidge Hwy. in downtown Berkley, Michigan. We close three blocks on Coolidge Hwy. between the main roads of 12 Mile and 11 Mile Rd. The city of Berkley runs along Woodward and borders the towns of Royal Oak & Southfield. It’s easily accessed from highways 696 and I75.

For additional information about the event visit BerkleyStreetArtFest.com

Food Assortment: We will keep a balanced variety of food & beverage choices and will not saturate offerings from similar vendors.

Vendor Perks: Some of the amenities we offer our vendors convenient drive up unloading/loading of displays, roomy tent spaces with storage and free nearby parking.

Publicity: Our advertising and promoting of the Berkley Street Art Fest includes: 22 large signs on Coolidge and 12 Mile one month prior to the show, press releases to every major newspaper in the vicinity, print ads in local papers, posters in local businesses, Facebook and email campaign.

Vendor Entry Requirements: Submit 2 to 4 color photos with at least 1 of your booth/food truck and one of a your product. Please note photo uploads should not exceed being 1000 pixels wide. You can visit picresize.com to edit the size of your images if necessary.

For a 10x10 booth select the $75 for Chamber or Berkley DDA members and $100 for nonmembers. Price includes a $10 non-refundable application fee.

The Berkely Street Art Fest Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entries and remove items during the fair not meeting entry guidelines or represented slides/photos.

Exhibitors Are Responsible For:
-Providing their own display equipment and tent for their space. *electricity & water is not available
-Being present at their displays for the entire show 10-6 with no early breakdowns.
-Removing set-up vehicles by 10:30 am and cleaning up their booth area afterwards.
-All food vendors must have a 2A:10-B-C fire extinguisher. If food vendor uses a deep fat fryer then must have a "K" rated extinguisher.
- Vendors must follow state and local mandates at the time of the Fest, as it relates to safety concerning COVID-19.
- Cleaning up their booth area at end of the Fest and being off the street within one hour after the closing of the event (6 pm).

If event is cancelled due to state/local mandates then you will receive refund minus the $10 application fee.

The Oakland County Health department closer to the event will contact you to ask what you plan to serve and about licensing. If a food vendor (not a licensed STFU) is actually preparing the food onsite at Berkley Art Bash then a temporary license is needed. If you are just going to be hot/cold holding and serving prepared food, there is no need for a temporary license. STFU's will need to fill out an intent to serve form, which will be sent closer to the event.

Please note this is NOT the Berkley Art Bash which takes place in June on 12 Mile Rd.

For additional information, contact Katie Kutscher at events@berklechamber.com.